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Ball Valve

Actuated ball valve

three piece ball valve

two piece ball valve

single piece ball valve

trunnion mounted ball valve

A Ball valve is a quarter-turn rotary motion valve that uses a ball-shaped disk to stop or start the flow.
Most ball valves are of the quick-acting type, which requires a 90° turn of the valve handle to operate the valve.
The ball valve is Smaller and lighter than a gate valve of same size and rating
Size             : 15mm to 250mm
Type             : 2 ways / 3 ways   Float type, trunnion mount, single piece, two piece, three piece.
Material      : WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3m A105, F304, F316, F11, F22, WC6, WC9 etc.
Seat              : PTFE, RPTFE (CFT), PEEK, Metal etc.
Ratings         : Class 150 to 2500.
Ends              : Screwed, Socket weld, Butt weld, Flanged, Threaded
Operation    : Lever, Gear, Pneumatic & Electric Actuator

Gate Valve

Bidirectional Knife Gate Valve

Actuated Knife gate valve

Uni directional Knige gate valve

Pneumatic Knife gate valve

Pneumatic Type Stainless Knife Gate Valve

Gate valve is the most common type of valve in any process plant. It is a linear motion valve used to start or stop fluid flow. In service, these valves are either in fully open or fully closed position. Gate valves are used in almost all fluid services such as air, fuel gas, feedwater, steam, lube oil, hydrocarbon, and all most any services. Gate valve provides good shutoff.
Size          : 15mm to 900mm
Type          : Solid Wedge, Flexible wedge, parallel, bolted bonnet, threaded bonnet, pressure seal bonnet.
Material      : WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3m A105, F304, F316, F11, F22, WC6, WC9 etc.
Seat          : 10, 304, 316, CF8, CF8M, CF3M, CN7M
Ratings       : Class 150 to 2500.
Ends             : Flanged Ends, Butt Weld Ends
Operation  : Lever, Gear, Pneumatic & Electric Actuator

Butterfly Valve

Lug type Butterfly valve

Wafer type butterfly valve

Flanged end butterfly valve

A Butterfly valve is a quarter-turn rotary motion valve,that is used to stop, regulate, and start the flow. Butterfly valve has a short circular body. Butterfly Valve is suitable for large valve applications due to compact, lightweight design that requires considerably less space, as compared to other valves.
Size       : 50mm to 800mm
Type       : Wafer type resilient seated, lug type butterfly valve, flanged end valve, zero offset, Double offset, Triple offset.
Material : IS 210 Gr FG 200 ,220 | ASTM A 216 Gr WCB , CCF8 /ICCF8M,  Gr 220, FG200/220 GG40

Ends                    : Wafer  , Flange, lug

Operation           : Lever, Gear Box, Pneumatic, Electric Actuator

Check Valves

Dual Plate check valve

Dual Plate Type check valve

Stop Check Valve

Wafer type check valve

Lift check valve

Lift check valve

Swing check valve

The check valve prevents backflow in the piping system. The pressure of the fluid passing through a pipeline opens the valve, while any reversal of flow will close the valve.
Size: From 65mm to 300mm
Type : Swing check valve, Lift check valve, Dual Plate Type, Stop Check Valve, Wafer type check valve,
Class: CL 150 to 2500
Material: C.I. IS 210 Gr.20-25 (Cast Iron) etc.


Diaphragm valve

Straightway type Diaphragm valve

Rubber lined diaphragm valve

Weir type Diaphragm valve

Diaphragm valves are used on shut-off and throttling service for liquids, slurries and vacuum/gas.

The seal is achieved by a flexible membrane, usually elastomer, and possibly reinforced with a metal part. The membrane is tensed by the effect of a stem/compressor with lineal movement until contact is made against the seal of the body.
Size                        : 15mm -300mm
Type                      ; Conventional weir ,Full weir,Straightway,Rubber lined diaphragm valve
Connection        ; Flanged, screwed etc.
Operation           : Actuated, Manual operated

Pressure Relief Valve

Pressure relief valve

Pressure relief valve 1

A pressure Relief valve or pressure safety valve is used to protect equipment or piping system during an overpressure event or in the event of vacuum. This valve releases the pressure or vacuum at pre-defined set pressure.

Types                    : Spring Loaded Pressure Relief Valve, Pilot operated relief valve, thermal relief valve, pressure reducing valve,
Material              : Cast steel, Alloy steel and stainless steel
End connection; Screwed, Flanged, S.W


Adpter and fittings

Butt welding fittings

Threaded flanges

All type of flanges


Y strainer

Basket Strainer

Socket weld fitting

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